Residential Service Fees

Current Rates
The RFWSD bills its customers quarterly for the upcoming three months, calculating water consumption from the previous quarter.  For a more detailed explanation of rates, please download and review the Fee Schedule (Appendix A of Rules and Regulations).

Tap Fees

Tap Fees Fee
Water                        $3,700 per EQR
Sanitation $6,500 per EQR

Service Fees

Water Service Fee $70.00/quarter
Water (usage in gallons) water use as below
0 - 31,500 $1.70/1000 gallons
31, 501 - 135,000 $2.00/1000 gallons
135,001 - 206,300 $3.00/1000 gallons
206, 301 - infinity $5.00/1000 gallons
Sanitation (per EQR) $139.00/quarter


* An EQR is a standard measurement used by the District in calculating fees and represents the national average single family residence.