General Info

The Roaring Fork Water & Sanitation District was established on May 5, 1994 for the distribution and supply of water for domestic and other uses, for the collection and treatment of sewage from District customers, and for the maintenance, repair and replacement of all mains, hydrants, valves and necessary service facilities owned by the district. Currently the RFWSD provides water and sewer service to Aspen Glen, Coryell Ranch, Midland Point, and Ironbridge developments.


The RFWSD is governed by a five-person Board of Directors elected by property owners within the district.  Our current Board of Directors are:

Ian Exelbert, President - serving since June 2019
Brendan Matthias, Vice President - serving since April 2021
Paul Goldstein, Secretary - serving since July 2021
Tom sherman, Board Member - serving since May 2023
Carter Barger, Board Member - serving since June 2023

2024 Annual Transparency Notice


2022 Drinking Water Quality Report



The Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of every month and welcomes the public to attend.  The next Board Meeting is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday April 16, 2024  AGENDA at 3790 County Rd 109, Carbondale CO.  Please contact Tonya at 970-945-2144 for meeting attendance information.  The November Meeting included a hearing for approval of the 2024 Budget as well as a hearing for increase of Water Tap fees from $3,700 to $6,700 and Sewer Tap fees from $6,500 to $11,500.

The Roaring Fork Water & Sanitation District operating budget is funded through service fees and property tax revenue. The mill levy for 2023 is 7.4.  Total tax revenue from 2022 was $387,530.

2024Operating Revenue

Water Revenue:
 $  374,950
Sewer Revenue:
 $  434,710
Property Tax Revenue:  $  700,741

Total Income:

     2024 Operating Expenses

Water Expenses
Sewer Expenses
Water & Sewer RESV CAPITAL

Total Expenses: