Water Report

Our goal at RFWSD is to provide our customers with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.  In order to assure that water is safe to drink, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment prescribes regulations limiting the amount of certain contaminants in the water provided by public water systems.  The Food and Drug Administration regulations establish limits for contaminants in bottled water that must provide the same protection for public health. 

Please contact Alan Leslie at 970-963-8393  to learn more about what you can do to help protect your drinking water sources, to address any questions you may have about the Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report, to learn more about our system, or to find out about the next scheduled public meeting.  We want you, our valued customers, to be informed about the services we provide and about the quality water we deliver to you every day. 

Download the 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report.

Colorado State University Extension:  Fact Sheet No. 9.307:  Drinking Water Quality and Health
Useful reading to understand the Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report